Birds of Paradise Public Relations is a full service public relations agency powered by daughters of the Caribbean. With a presence in Miami, Los Angeles and the Caribbean we are a boutique shop with a global footprint and a perfect blend of world-class public relations savvy, and strong Caribbean work ethic. We produce integrated PR campaigns for established companies and startups and have a soft spot for multicultural brands. 

For us, public relations is both a passion and an art. We only take on clients whose businesses and ideas we love and absolutely believe in!


Our aim is to help our clients increase their brand awareness, build credibility, make positive impressions, and generate sales through beautiful, creative storytelling.



After several years at a national, award-winning public affairs agency, and working client-side at a top 15 global law firm, Ruthie Thomas made the leap into entrepreneurship with the launch of Birds of Paradise Public Relations. By combining her passion for public relations with her love for her culture and heritage, she created a communications agency to help businesses, organizations, and individuals throughout the Caribbean, and within the diaspora, reach beyond their boundaries and create open dialogues with their audiences. Her personable approach to media relations and astute intuition has allowed her the opportunity to develop strong relationships with an eclectic group of media professionals and earned a prestigious SABRE Award for top-notch client service.

Ruthie recently relocated to Los Angeles after living in New York City for over a decade. In her free time, she enjoys cooking her favorite Caribbean dishes, spending time with family and friends, and exploring her new city.


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With a background in social work; an uncanny sense of people; and the holistic perspective on the business world that could only be developed through a rigorous MBA program, Gandra Thomas-White has the battle-tested skill set and experience to oversee the daily operations of Birds of Paradise Public Relations. A natural-born leader with solid business acumen, she encouraged her sister to follow her dream to open a boutique PR shop and made it a priority to help her see it come to fruition, by signing on as her business partner. Her No.1 goal is to eventually expand the services provided by Birds of Paradise Public Relations beyond the communications industry.

Gandra lives in Miami with her husband and is a self-proclaimed fashionista with a knack for finding the best deals. She enjoys relaxing on South Beach and indulging in all the fun her city has to offer.


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Valeria Mercedes - Director of Communications

After six years working in a highly competitive television market as the producer of two top-rated newscasts, Valeria joined Birds of Paradise Public Relations as the Director of Communications. She worked at a CBS affiliate for 5 years. Her most recent job in television was at a Fox affiliate station. During her time in television, Valeria became a key decision maker for her shows. Her role as a producer required her to master several skills within the news industry, making decisions on everything from story content to station branding. Valeria has produced during numerous high-profile live events, the most trying being the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, in Newtown, Connecticut. She expanded her producing criteria by covering a range of headline-grabbing stories that affected the Eastern Coast of the United States including Hurricane Irene, Superstorm Sandy and a surprise October snowstorm that left thousands in Connecticut without power for days. In her latest venture at Birds of Paradise Public Relations, Valeria brings her years of television experience to the public relations field and a keen understanding of what makes businesses marketable to media. Valeria has strong ties to the Spanish-speaking Caribbean as her family hails from the Dominican Republic. Valeria is based in the New York City Metro Area. Se habla español!


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You have a story to tell. Our goal is to share it with the right audience and generate maximum exposure for your brand. With a creative media strategy, we secure coverage in traditional and new media outlets.


In the digital age, a social media presence is everything. We identify and develop the best platforms for your brand, and create content that generates conversation, engagement, and creates long-lasting relationships with your target audience. 


Influencers have established credibility in specific industries and have access to a large audience they persuade because of their authenticity. We help influencers and brands connect to new audiences and markets.


One of our core missions is to help you develop and maintain a good reputation across all platforms. We accomplish this by establishing strong media partnerships and working to continuously identify opportunities to present you and your brand in best light possible.


With us, you have access to a team of experienced, creative writers who bring your story to life with compelling, captivating and imaginative copy.


Whether it’s an official grand opening, a media conference or a closed-list charity soiree, we are experts at producing press-worthy events.

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